BTS Confirms Appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ {Famous U.S. Talk Show}

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31 thoughts on “BTS Confirms Appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ {Famous U.S. Talk Show}

  1. Hopfully it will be aired tonight because when I check the TV guide it says someone else is performing on jimmy kimmel or maybe delayed because they are too popular or sedule wise lol

  2. Whgububbuywgbaug agbyuagbqvqvquygebodni7dnoiudnioejnoeijnoon.
    I’m dead.
    Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen


  4. Army I live in LA but when they released the tickets I was in class ? if you have An extra ticket (maybe one of your guests can't go ) PLEASE help me get the opportunity to attend… the names can be edited plus I'm 19 so I qualify for both the show and mini concert (I AM WILLING TO BUY YOU LUNCH ) ?❤ Fighting!!!

  5. i'm honestly so overwhelmed with how big they've gotten, even though i wasn't an army since debut, in fact i became one less than a year ago. they still leaving me shook though like wtf boi i can't keep up with all their accomplishments, they deserve the world <3

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