Jimmy Kimmel Live EXPOSED Satanic Illuminati Freemason Demonic Hollywood Industry Gematria Rob Lowe

Jimmy Kimmel Live EXPOSED Satanic Illuminati Freemason Demonic Hollywood Industry Gematria Rob Lowe


22 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Live EXPOSED Satanic Illuminati Freemason Demonic Hollywood Industry Gematria Rob Lowe

  1. I agree with you about Lowe. He gave that same comparison of life being a movie,just like Joan Rivers did.He said that on Ellen show,with him and his sons.

  2. the weirdest thing happened last night when Kimmel's talk show intro came on the TV last night. I literally heard a voice in the credits say 666. no explanations.

  3. Good stuff, septenary is definitely legit. Did you check the time when any of these animals came out? I'd be willing to bet there's something significant there too. These guys really need to spend more time scripting their jokes instead of scripting their numbers of obsession into the show.

  4. Hey old friend. I saw this on fb but have been researching some of this for awhile too and checked out some of your videos. Too much at once is definitely spooky. I watched some of your 9/11 video and wanted to share a story…. Many people in my family know this is true. I met the main person to carry out the actual crashes, main orchestater or whatever. Before I sound crazy hear me out, I guess I was about 20 around september 11th. The man Im talking about is Muhammed Attah (spellcheck)… well anyway if u look into it, The hijackers have SO many connections to South Florida, specifically the area my family is in Coral Springs, Deerfield and Pompano. They lived in temporary, week-to-week type apartments right in front of my Aunt Jennifers complex, Tara Gardens. My mom aunt , me and some friends were all chilling at the pool havin a few drinks etc. I spotted this creepyass dude sitting on a powerbox on the other side of the fence by the pool just staring at us. I sensed something very bad about him.. I mentioned something to my aunt amd mom but they were like whatever. A few days later was 9/11 his face was evrywhere, i was freaked out… i also wore a shirt that morning that had the old NY skyline to work… im talkin to my coworkers telling them this. My boss got freakes out and pulled me to the side like "were you friends with them" lol, think he was about to call the fbi.. anyway these things happen all the time. I usually always tell people before hand so I dont look crazy when it happens… The most recent has to do with Prince. Ive always loved him but didnt really listen to him much lately.. i just randomly started talking about him to a neighbor and read the next day he was dead. I thought it was a hoax….my neighbor was scared. lol Did u do any stories on Prince? Check it out. Theres a Simpson episode where Homer is hired by some group to kill Prince and other celebrities. Also Princes song "Lets go crazy" has lyrics like "dont let the elevator take us down"…. he died in the elevator in his mansion, and "the elevator" is a for the devil.. everybody knows his battles with his record companies etc… well thats it for now. I like your channel. I knew youd understand what im talking about

  5. Hey Reach King,aaaagh sound tired today,you work hard baby doing all that smart gematria,we appreciate you,great channel. You tired of the craziness to,lol..feel that,weird stuff right here to,it just doesn't stop giving.

  6. REACHKING!!! u r very smart I'm into the same things been wathjng awhile ur videos r on point I'd u have an Emil r a way to contact u nd discuess a few things….remarriage mainly also where did u gt the caluculators for those? keep it up bro much love from the the txs boys

  7. I have onced loved those amimal segments but you cam look in his eyes and his eyesc say it all and Jimmy Fallon they are spreading rumor of him being a alcoholic don't know if its true but I noticed when his child was born he wasn't the typical doting dad bringing up milestones his babys reached. Hardly discusses his child I found that odd and like he and Jimmy Kimmel are physically there withoit beng there like they are thinking about some other stuff like under a slight pressure or obligations. Maybe it's me reaching to much as well. Have you heard anything about lil Wayne's health lately. Something was said about him otner day but I missed it. Great video.

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