Jimmy Kimmel on Roseanne Cancellation

ABC today decided to cancel their highest rated show following a controversial tweet in which Roseanne Barr compared an African-American woman, a former advisor to President Obama, to an ape. This did not sit well with ABC management, or anyone with a brain, and they announced that the show’s first season would also be its last. “Roseanne” was a very big hit for ABC, but just because Roseanne is gone, that doesn’t mean the show has to. The show must go on and with that said, Jimmy has an idea that could make this work for everyone.

Trump Cancels North Korea Summit https://youtu.be/Ly5FG7yrb4c

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Jimmy Kimmel on Roseanne Cancellation


44 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel on Roseanne Cancellation

  1. lmfao this is the same guy that did blackface skits and skits which involved playing pranks on women to grab his crotch. liberals are the most hypocritical individuals in the universe.

  2. Forget about "The Conners" show.
    ABC should just wait six months for things to cool down, rehire Roseanne and restart the show.
    Most people aren't going to give a crap about Roseanne's tweet six months from now.

  3. This is bullshit not gonna watch, same thing happened to Mel Gibson. Treating these people like they killed someone for saying a few words? Grow some thicker skin damn people be pansies. Ohh boo hoo hoo she called me a name I don't like, pfft whatever. Lets ban SNL, the Simpsons, Southpark, and Family guy while where at it.

  4. But jimmy Kimmel can say whatever he wants about the president… so can all the women on the view. I guess as long as what someone is saying is saying, fits your agenda, then it's ok. Sad world we live in

  5. I see alot of people bringing up the fact that Kimmel imitated Karl Malone and went so far as to have himself made up into what people call 'Black face' and that he should be regarded as being 'offensive' for this. First of all, if Kimmel was a Right Winger, Conservative or otherwise supporter of #45, NO ONE would care whom he imitated to include makeup. Second, these people don't understand where the term 'Black face' came from and why it's considered to be disrespectful. What I would suggest is that people who are upset by the term and the practice, or if you'd just like to be able to speak from a point of knowledge, look up the history of 'Black face', see where it came from, see what its purpose was THEN look at Kimmel's act of the Malone imitation and see if it fits the spirit in which 'Black face' came to be known at the turn of the 20th century. I'll also point out that for generations non-Black theater actors and opera singers have performed the role of Othello yet that practice is generally not seen as an example of 'Black face.' Going back a little in comedy history Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest did an SNL sketch where they portrayed former baseball players in the Negro League and they talked about what being a professional baseball player, a Negro player, was like and they did so made up as two old, Black men… I encourage people to understand the context and what is the difference between a skillful or amusing imitation of another person who just happens to be of a different race and an act of imitation that is rooted in the hatred of another race as a general practice and is just one example how the dominant race expresses their hatred and disdain of the other.

  6. Who watches crappy mainstream TV or crappy Jimmy Kimmel anymore, anyway?
    Only brain-dead morons.
    Let them chimp out over what Roseanne said. I couldn't care less. Roseanne is better than the whole bunch of them.
    And they might consider their own anti-white racism before they started judging other people.

  7. A ate 3 burritos and a bowl of hot Chile. I gave birth to 3 baby kimmel Democrats.
    They all hold their hands out begging to be supported and trying to find their daddy at the local prison. Just typical democrats.

  8. Wanda Sykes made a racist reference calling Trump an orangutan. If Disney isn't a bastion of hypocrisy, Sykes will be banned from Disney productions for as long as Rosanne is banned from Disney productions.

  9. NO one is hurting on ABC. Especially Jimmy. Only works 4 days a week gets around $10 (+) million a year. If that's what a host is making I'm sure the company is doing really well. They won't sweat the tens of millions they'll loose with Roseanne.

  10. Wait a minute there. Rosanne has insulted everything and everyone from day one. Just like Archi Bunker! All that was needed was an apology. So why the fuss? She support Pres. Trump.

  11. We love you Jimmy!!! That’s exactly what I was thinking!!! We all love “The Conners” family!!! At the rate our political agendas are going, maybe Rosanne can “bump Trump” in the next election! We’ve never had a “Domestic Goddess” President before!!! 😂

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