The UnAuthorized Karen Civil Book Review

Recently, Aztec Ape TV shot a short film called I Wanna Talk: The Story of an Intern where our intern, Neka Yo, goes to The Crown Seminar in Norfolk, Va with her eye on the goal of interviewing the one and only Karen Civil.

If you haven’t seen I Wanna Talk yet, it’s nothing short of inspirational for both women and men. Click play to watch it.

Karen Civil has a story you wouldn’t believe…

From Elizabeth, New Jersey, Civil has hardly had the world handed to her on a silver platter. She hustled her way to an internship at Hot 97 with Funk Flex and has worked closely with Beats by Dre and Lil Wayne.

Her story is so powerful that she created a book called Be You & Live Civil: Tools for Unlocking Your Potential & Living Your Purpose

It’s Karen’s personal journey through life, how she unlocked her purpose and how you too can gain mental strength through self-motivation, positive attitude, understanding and accepting yourself.

The book is a best seller in the self-help, motivational category and was released in November of 2015.

Here’s some of what people have said about the book…

Karen Civil really is a hustler with humble beginnings. Nothing was handed to her in life, she had to go and get it! Had to pleasure of Djing for her last year at the Forum in Inglewood for a Drake concert. Really inspiring book for entrepreneurs or someone needing that extra push to greatness!

However, not everything was so positive to be said about the book…

I though Amazon sent me the wrong thing. The font is 18 pt, double spaced and is about 70 pgs. Around 15 of them are note pages. The “book” is littered with misspellings and grammatical errors. Instead of it being a book of tools, it is more about how she got started and then jumps all over the place. I love Karen, but I feel bamboozled, just because you can write out a story and publish it on your own doesn’t mean you should. This seems like it was more of a checklist things for her to do and get money from rather than putting out a quality product. Disappointed.


This wasn’t even a book more like a brief outline to the page-turner Karen Civil should’ve released. There was some good moments but the book was literally 40 pages double spaced and not worth the price. I was very disappointed and TBH all the info gathered from the book was things she already mentions in interviews. Buy at your own risk!

Overall Book Review

People are saying great things about the content of the book, however short the read is. One of the most powerful cues about the book was simply that the book was too good to be so short. Still, for only around $10, you will get a great book that you can quickly read over and over again

Click here to see Karen Civil’s book, Be You Live Civil: Tools for Unlocking Your Potential & Living Your Purpose

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