NCT 127 Will Premiere English Version of “Regular” on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ | Billboard News

K-pop boy band NCT 127 are set to release their new single “Regular” in both Korean and English versions, and they’re going to be premiering the latter on ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

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23 thoughts on “NCT 127 Will Premiere English Version of “Regular” on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ | Billboard News

  1. Ok yes Bts were the first ones to appear on an American, I'm an army myself and it is not right to say that Bts were the ones who made nct appear on an America show, I honestly think that some "armies" are just jealous that another kpop group is on a amrperican show, they think that Bts are the only ones who will appear on a show, at some point, other groups will too, and soon, it will take over the world…MUAHAHHA (just kidding) but the whole point is, we should be proud of all the groups, wether you like them or not, wether they achieve something and your the groups that you like doesn't, I think that we should be proud that kpop is changing the world…in a good way, Army, please don't be immature, Bts is counting on us!

  2. BTS did not paved a way it has a long history about kpop in West like Rain he was paved a way for kpop to the west just like in weekly idol, or maybe wonder girls, rain paved a way for BTS to the west and way before that

  3. I bet the same people who once disliked BTS saying their music sucked or they looked like girls are now the ones becoming eventually and ARMY saying NCT cheated their style.. Like can ya'll stop? ARMY, NCTzens, everyone..? Just be happy because kpop is being known worldwide.
    tbh, BTS and NCT are my ultimates and I'm so damn proud to see them rocking hearts all over the globe!

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