Spawn Reboot: Todd McFarlane says its ‘… not a Superhero Movie’

Todd McFarlane Calls Spawn Reboot ‘Dark’ and ‘Nasty’

Todd McFarlane recently spoke about the upcoming Spawn Reboot. The film has been in development since 2009, and in 2013, McFarlane had said it might be a year out from filming.

Spawn Reboot will be horror/thriller, not superhero movie
Spawn Reboot will be horror/thriller, not superhero movie, says Todd McFarlane

It’’s not going to be a giant budget [film] with a lot of special effects. It’s going to be more of a horror movie and a thriller movie, not a superhero one.”

This time around, McFarlane is reporting that he’s taking the Spawn reboot to a much darker place. He said in the video,

“Listen, I’m going to paint it for you. The movie is going to be a dark R… If here’s PG-13 and here’s Deadpool and here’s Logan, we’re going to be here. It’s going to be dark. It’s going to be nasty.”



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