Stephen Interviews Stephanopoulos’ Interview Of Trump

A The Late Show Exclusive: Stephen Colbert’s Interview of George Stephanopoulos’ Interview of President Trump

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44 thoughts on “Stephen Interviews Stephanopoulos’ Interview Of Trump

  1. Lots of libtards in the comment section. You morons do know Donald stopped all nuclear plans and brought back inprisoned American soldiers in NK. You people are sad human beings, lol.

  2. We SHOULD end US war games on North Korea's border, because they're provocative and actually make the world less safe. NK is not going to start a nuclear war because he's not suicidal and he only wants them as a deterrent. KJU isn't going to denuclearize so easily because the US has proven with Gaddafi that if you surrender your weapons to us and meet all of our demands, we'll topple your government and eliminate you anyway. This summit promotes peace and when Obama had similar meetings with leaders from Cuba and Iran we all applauded.

  3. i like mr trmp. It's thefirst time i hear the americans negotiating on the table and maybe having a talk for a while instead of other means… I think commies are no good, changing an economic regime to an open one is a good move for NK. Maybe the lil rocket man wants to change his pants.

  4. Trump is the worst deal maker, negotiator and analyzer of deals that the history of the Earth has ever seen! Even the schmuck who sold his shares of Apple back in the day back to Steve Jobs for only $5000 and lives in a trailer home in the middle of the California desert and who’s shares today would of been worth about $27 billion dollars said Trump was an idiot and got played by Kim Jong Un! Lol

  5. Stephen Colbert is the biggest dumbass on tv i refuse to watch such dumbass Americans that think they are funny when they are just plain ole Stupid Demonicrats that Hate America like Stephen Colbert the loser…….

  6. I keep saying Trump is living his own reality TV show. He does not lie, he just rewrites the script every day or so. His base believes what ever he says and both sides of his lies. He lies for ratings and coverage. That is all he seeks. His words are as worthless as his promises. They are just tools to fool the rubes. He could not care. Take for example: His talks with Kim, Trump knows nothing about Kim, he has at his fingertips the state department to keep him straight, he does not care. He made a promise that was not discussed with either South Korea or the US military. He does not care. He got nothing from Kim but cannot get over how much Kim loves his people and how much they love him. (They love life and fear if he knew what they thought the whole family would be put in furnace somewhere after being tortured.) The whole thing is just for the amusement of Trump. Beware. This will end badly.

  7. Very funny: In 1953 the best and very populair song and children book writer in the Netherlands, Annie M. G. Schmidt published a story in the book Abeltje, about a dictator with the name TUMP. He was a salesman in insecticides .
    On the end luckily he changed and became a decent man.
    In 1998 Ben Sombogaart made a movie (Abeltje) based on the book.

  8. Double standards.
    Obama made a deal with Iran which is ruled by a dictator regime and racist government and gave them millions of dollars from tax payers money with no reaction from the media at that time.
    P.S. ( I'm not a republican nor democrate and will never be)

  9. Trump continues his march to infamy! Signs his name with a crayon on Kim's coloring book! Get your commemorative coin with dotard and Kim blowing each other… while they last!!! TONIGHT ON FOX: "TOUCHY AND FEELY" EXCLUSIVE: Excerpts from dotard's historical (sic)"hysterical" summit meeting with brutal murderer Li'l Kim: "I told him 'I like the way you talk', and he said he likes the way I talk. Then we went down to the Singapore Tasty Cream and got some of them French fried potaters and put mustard on 'em. Reckon we ate a whole bowl together. Hmm-hmm." EXCLUSIVE FOX FOLLOW-UP COVERAGE "Many are saying I will win the No Belt Prize, but you won't hear that from me. I don't need accolades or attention. Just let me have my Sean Hannity or my lover, Vladi" the wannabe dictator Trump cooed to Head Groupie Lou Dobbs. Cadet Spanky McBoneSpurs then dropped his pants, and fired a rocket toward North Korea.

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