United Airlines Commercial (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Here at United Airlines if we cannot beat our competitors, we will beat our customers. And don’t forget, you can’t wear leggings either.


27 thoughts on “United Airlines Commercial (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

  1. This ignorant comedy sketch isn't even funny. It's inappropriate and unprofessional of Kimmel. The US media and fools like Kimmel's show we par of whae wrong when US society.

  2. I wish that I have American citizenship and work in United Air(Unice Airline?) company and become the company's Employee.

    Air flight(plane)
    inner and back PART

    "mini Cafe"
    Menu : Coffee, Ade, Smoothie, Fruit-Yogurt, Muffin, Waffle-pie, Cookie etc.

    "Rest space(place)" lying convenient
    is Tables, Chairs, Sofas, (Door opened-closed)Shoe-Lockers, Soft-Carpets.

  3. this wouldn't be so bad if this wasn't actually almost 100% true. At any time they'll fuck over your seat and give it to whoever they want last minute.

  4. Look up the lawyer for that Dr. that was dragged off plane.  His name is Thomas Demetrio. That lawyer settled a case for the NFL & NHL players against the league for a Billion dollars. Yes, 1 Billion dollars…hes a badass. United will get fucked hard on this one….probably the city of Chicago with the keystone cops too. United needs to fire that fucktard of a CEO and fast

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